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Inseminacja matek pszczelich

Queen bees insemination

We provide queen bees insemination services of both our own and entrusted material (provided by the beekeeper).

The queen bee provided for insemination should be delivered in a transport cage in the company of about 7-10 young bees. The queen bees age at the time of delivery for insemination should be between 6-9 days.

We inseminate exclusively with fresh semen taken directly from the drones.

In the case of insemination with alien drones (provided by the beekeeper), the following conditions must be fulfilled:

The age of the drones should be about 20 days.

The drones should be delivered in a mini hive in the company of young non-volatile bees. The required number of delivered drones should be about 25 for 1 queen bee.

The queen bees inseminated within the insemination service are inseminated with one 1 x 8mm dose of semen.

After insemination, the queen bee remains in our apiary for 48 hours or until the oviducts are completely free from the remaining semen.

The price of insemination treatment – 5 euro / piece

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