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Queen Bees

Queen bees

Prices of queen bees

– not firtelized 5 €

firtelized natural 10 € 

inseminated 15 €

– inseminated doubly – 20€

 Reproductive – 50 € 

Shipping to EU countries 10 €

Time 4-5 days


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Carnica „AS” bee line

The Carnica AS  bee line was registered in 2009 on the basis of bees of the Kraina breed, such as Carnica (Nieska, Prima, Alsin). For several consecutive years, works on improving the bee population by subjecting it to a strictly defined breeding methodology had been conducted. Only the best individuals that met the criteria included in the breeding program were selected for further work. The implementation of our program is supervised by the National Animal Breeding Center in Warsaw.

Bees of the Carnica AS line form families of medium to high strength. They are characterized by high mildness. Honey is mainly made in honey supers, but when there is an abundant amount of nectar and lack of space in a honey super, the honey is stored it in the bee nest; therefore it is important that the bees always have enough place to store honey.

Bees maintain a high strength for the entire nectar period.

The spring development is very dynamic, which guarantees the bees’ readiness to collect the early nectars starting from rape.

Bees tolerate winter conditions well, both during standard and long-lasting winters. They economically manage their winter stocks.

Swarming – when proper procedures are used (nest expansion, proper ventilation) it practically does not occur. But when the swarming mood appears, it is easy to control it by performing simple procedures (adding a wax sheet/ nest expansion).


For the first time the BUCKFAST KB bees were introduced in our Apiary in 2014. Their introduction was influenced by mainly by beekeepers, who continually called and told us to do it; we had been reluctant to introduce the Buckfast bees for some time, but at last we wanted to see for ourselves if those bees were really like they were described by their owners. And here I have to tell you that there are arguments both FOR and AGAINST those bees.

As far as the Buckfast bees are concerned, they unfortunately form very aggressive families with some crosses between the Kraina and Caucasian bees; therefore, in Polish conditions it is impossible to obtain the desired features of queen bees by using natural insemination; this is basically the only, but very important argument AGAINST those bees.

The arguments FOR those bees include their excellent fertility and strength, very high honey efficiency and first of all, the outstanding gentleness and lack of swarming mood, even in very strong families.

The Buckfast KB brooding queen bees are imported directly from Denmark and the paternal lines come from Poland and Germany.

After 3 years of testing the BUCKFAST KB bees in our apiary, we decided to include them in our offer.

The Buckfast KB’s queen bees are sold by us only as inseminated and not inseminated ones.

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